1st SHAIWBCON, 2018

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Speech and Hearing Association of India, West Bengal Branch

West Bengal has played a significant role in the lineage of Speech Pathology and Audiology in India right since its inception. Though the initial growth in this intellectual hub had been slow over the past 5 decades the number of professionals engaged in rehabilitation of the speech and hearing impaired have increased significantly. The growing multitude of professionals necessitated the formation of an organization, hence the speech & hearing association, a brain child of both the veterans & the budding minds was created on 1st Jan., 2009. The idea of the association was to bring together different minds working for the same cause, render a mouth to the collective opinions and interact and exchange ideas aimed at better rehabilitation.

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The Speech and Hearing Association of India West Bengal Branch can help address your concerns on these vital issues:
  • Case selection and caseload size in the country.
  • Inclusion of treatment for speech, language and hearing problems in insurance plans.
  • Assurance that services to the public are delivered by professionals with the highest level credentials.
  • Improvement of reimbursements for speech and hearing services provided for all ages.
  • Recognition of speech-language pathologists, audiologists and teachers of the hearing-impaired as healthcare providers that can receive direct reimbursement from insurance carriers.


You will get access to

Hearing Loss Magazine

the bimonthly magazine full of information about the latest technology, products and information about how to live well with hearing loss. Read stories from people who have hearing loss as well as articles from leading professionals in the field. SHAIWB members have access to the digital, online version of Hearing Loss Magazine before it arrives in the mail. Users can adjust browsers to suit individual needs, especially for people with low vision who need online access.

Research Paper

"The Journal of Indian SHAIWB publishes articles of interest to professionals involved in the assessment, diagnosis, and management of speech, language and hearing disorders. SHAIWB is of primary interest to audiologists, speech language pathologists, otolaryngologists, neuro-otologists, paediatricians, linguists, special educators, and to those involved in the design, and manufacture of aids and appliances for individuals with hearing and communication disorders. The goals of the journal are to foster knowledge about issues related to speech, language and hearing; to promote research and evidence-based practice in the field of speech and hearing; to provide information on and to promote prevention and early identification of hearing and communication disorders; and to facilitate ‘best practices’ in the rehabilitation of persons with hearing and communication disorders.

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Our Governing Body

Dibyendu Bhattacharya


Indranil Chatterjee


Chnadan Saha


Bireswar Biswas



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Speech and hearing Association of India,

 West Bengal Branch,  

AYJNIHH, ERC Kolkata B T Road, Bonhooghly,

 Kolkata - 700 090 

Email: [email protected]